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Matter 1: Springiness two examples of material earth distributed applications that were not discussed in the course slides (Infirmary Direction arrangement, Airway booking organization, Banking scheme). You should not lonesome assign what the covering does,   but likewise furnish leastwise trey features of the arrangement (ironware engineering, package engineering, consolidation features, bit of nodes, mesh characteristics, etcetera.)


Illustration 1:  Immigrant VISA entropy Arrangement (IVIS)

This is a computerized Direction info arrangement.  It is victimized by the Home VISA Essence (NVC) to wield the processing of immigrant visa petitions standard from the Section of Motherland Surety (DHS), Joined States Citizenship and In-migration Services (USCIS) regional avail centers and dominion offices. The data divided by IVIS is secondhand for processing; auditing and trailing of person in-migration visa applications likewise as trailing the issue of immigrant visas assigned that are field to numeric limitations based upon the visa sorting and state of chargeability.

Solitary inner administration that has admission to IVIS information is the Chest of Consular Affairs (CA).

IVIS Arrangement is secondhand by CA for issuance visas to alien nationals and passports to U.S. citizens. IVIS results are victimised as a information seed for this appraisal at Posts afield and domesticated recommendation agencies.

Specifically, information is divided among the pursuit CA applications:

  1. DataShare/Interagency Information Interchange Coating (Approximation) – This provides diligence vitrine information from the orison. This information arrives day-to-day and is manually besotted into IVIS. This information is mechanically populated in IVIS when creating a new showcase.
  2. Consular Coalesced Database (CCD) – Conduit for information switch ‘tween IVIS and DataShare / Estimate.
  3. Immigrant Visa Parceling Direction Organization (IVAMS) – The Lawsuit Bit, FSC, Office Inscribe, and Visa Grade were crocked into IVAMS for the determination of immigrant visa trailing and reportage.
  4. Variety Visa Data Organization (DVIS) – Outlander Numbers generated in IVIS are transferred to DVIS and the DV position systems.
  5. Immigrant Visa Abroad (IVO) – information on immigrant visas, petitions, and allocations is sent to a billet placement and blotto into their IVO systems.
  6. SharePoint – information and images on immigrant visas, petitions, and appointee data is divided with a place done a guarantee website.
  7. Ecumenical Refugee Entree Programme Scheme (WRAPS) – information on immigrant visa petitions is sent to the Refugee Processing Gist’s WRAPS scheme.

Features of the VISA Entropy Arrangement (VIS):


  1. Processor systems. Government-operated computation platforms not divided by over-the-counter concern applications or technologies.
  2. Feel publish credit, biometry engineering and ,
  3. encroachment spotting systems.


  1. DataShare is exploited to relocation the information from the Consular Fused Database (CCD). That allows textbook files to be born-again into Interagency Information Switch Coating (Approximation) initialize and transferred to USCIS. Encoding engineering is victimised during all communications divided with outside agencies.
  2. Thumb mark subscriber / acknowledgment. Firewalls.
  3. eDP (Edp) Web
  4. Information Replica engineering

Networking :

This cpu arrangement has Networking z/OS web potentiality which includes a full -featured communications host with desegregation of SNA (Arrangement Mesh Architecture) and TCP/IP protocols, fashioning it a great host subject of service a battalion of global clients simultaneously

Exercise 2:  Ret Direction Info Scheme at GS-Retail, S Korea.

GS-Retail is a largest retailer in S Korea. They are exploitation Ret direction info organisation (RMIS) to supporting their distributed stores by linking them unitedly victimization distributed applications.  Infra are the features of this GS-Retail’s RMIS:

  1. Entropy is exchanged directly; fund managers corset in liaison to more efficaciously mastery profit for the hale society.
  2. This arrangement supports ware direction and likewise enabled power to do CRM (Client Kinship Direction) psychoanalysis.
  3. Allowed managers to set prices for varying clock periods based on the entrepot locating and to play the inevitably of sales and stocktaking managers. ,
  4. Provided tractableness to brand use of a wandering interface.

It’s an merged program throughout resolution (Gadget), which has under components –
Lotion Faculty, IBM Impertinent Uninflected Result (Admin nodes, and Information Nodes with Understudy nodes).

Ironware Heap: with IBM Organisation x3650 M3 servers, Store servers (DS3400) with SSDs (Solid Drives), SAN Switches.  This incorporated chopine (ironware, package with operational procedures) which provides an power to interchange overage servers and get a 1 Execution of the unified Endeavour Information Warehouse Surroundings

Package Hatful: DB2 Go-ahead host version, IBM Tivoli Arrangement Mechanisation for multi-platforms (TSA) with RSCT (Authentic Scalable Clustering Engineering), IBM Cognos ogdoad Line Tidings, IBM Cognos 8 Patronage Word, IBM Systems Conductor, DS Repositing Director, IBM Removed Documentation Handler (RSM) for Linux

Consolidation features: Easy scalable and expandible result where information nodes can be added to the existent clump resolution to flourish the capacitance of the scheme.

Turn of nodes: two Coating Nodes, one Direction knob, one Establishment thickening, quadruplet Information Nodes and one Understudy knob

Net characteristics: Web is fault- kind and bouncy. This arrangement has two networks – Populace (for international node communicating) and Secret FCM Web which is victimised by the organization for interior communicating betwixt the information nodes. For world meshwork, two HBA adapters were provided which were bonded unitedly.

Meshing and switching failures are saved by H/W redundance. E.g.: 1 Mesh interface failures – victimization Bonded networks.  Treble HBAs adapters to mind of HBA failures and Curvy shift form for FCM (Character Visual Communicating Direction net) Mesh to see of FCM meshing permutation loser. 


Matter 2: Key two similarities betwixt route/highway networks and bundle switch networks

Bundle switch net is a web which routes digital information in modest pieces called "packets", apiece of which yield done the meshing severally. This digital information is aught but 98 watercourse with encoded info.  Parcel is not very a strong-arm affair.  Thusly, packets switched networks conveyance packets.  This net is in many slipway alike to the deportation meshing of roadstead, highways and intersections which transports vehicles that carries mass and goods.

E.g. – when a mill inevitably to motility a enceinte sum of shipment to around goal warehouse placed thousands of miles forth. Get More Information At manufactory,  beginning the  consignment is metameric and blotto into a flit of trucks. Apiece of trucks so severally travels done the meshwork of intersections, roadstead and highways and to the address warehouse. At terminus warehouse, the loading is unloaded and sorted with the residual of loading arriving from like cargo. Downstairs are about similarities ‘tween package switch mesh and route/highway transferral meshing:

  1. Packets are like to trucks
  2. Communicating links are exchangeable to highways and roadstead
  3. Mailboat switches are standardised to intersections
  4. End systems are standardized to buildings
  5. Trucks contract way done transfer web, packets takes route done figurer meshing


Ret direction agency operative a storehouse where product is sold and admit victimisation ironware, package and procedures to supervise activities similar provision, stocktaking command, fiscal direction, logistics and gunpoint of sale proceedings.

Distributed coating Discover: CLAIMS 3 i.e Calculator Joined Covering Data Direction Scheme and Associated Systems.

CLAIMS  trey is  the  case  management  system  victimized by USCIS that supports  and  maintains policeman casework support and trailing for almost gain requests. USCIS oversees rule-governed in-migration to the Joined States. It receives and adjudicates petitions, applications, and  other  requests for in-migration benefits. 

ICMS is a web – based front-end to CLAIMS 3. ICMS can be secondhand to follow-up, qualify, and cartroad the

adjudication performed by USCIS force of welfare quest forms.

CLAIMS 3 functionalities admit trailing

the adjudication performed by USCIS force, archiving, carte product, showcase account, causa

carry-over,  on-demand  reports,  electronic  file  trailing,  image  get,  production  statistics,

and status  update  and  electronic  ingestion  of benefit  request  configuration information captured  done

the Safety-deposit.

USCIS uses the Figurer Coupled Lotion Entropy Direction Organization (CLAIMS 3) and  associated  systems  to  superintend the  adjudication  process  for  most  domestically – filed, paper-based, immigration  benefit  filings with  the  exception  of  naturalisation,  intercountry  espousal,  and  sure requests  for asylum  and  refugee  position.

USCIS uses dissimilar data  systems  to  capture  and  store  information  provided  by benefit  requestors, including the Calculator Joined Covering Information  Management  System  (CLAIMS  3),  the  Interim  Pillowcase Direction Scheme (ICMS), and Marriagee Fraudulence Amendment Scheme (MFAS), conjointly referred to as "CLAIMS leash and associated systems."

3 features of the scheme (ironware engineering, package engineering, desegregation features, numeral of nodes, mesh characteristics, etcetera.) :
CLAIMS leash and associated systems are old, bequest, c.p.u. systems that do not let the capableness to port in real-time with over-the-counter systems or to sire reports, prosody, or aggregative statistics. CLAIMS 3, includes the Cpu, Local Covering Meshwork (LAN), ICMS, and MFAS.

But CLAIMS deuce-ace hush serves as the authorized root pillowcase direction scheme surely welfare requests because so many over-the-counter tools and systems gunpoint thereto.

Package engineering : Information Reproduction engineering is victimized to copy information from CLAIMS trey crosswise many systems and tools inside USCIS due to the technological limitations of CLAIMS trey itself.

Consolidation features :

This organization stores the data related:

  1. Requester and Donee information
  2. Processing of cases based on antecedence and the cut-off dates,
  3. Instauration and transcription of commensurateness with the donee,
  4. requester and/or factor and the transmitting of information to the Immigrant Visa Abroad (IVO) arrangement at situation for last processing.

IVIS applications assists NVC in trailing and processing in-migration visa petitions based on local necessities and requirements naturalized by the Submit Section. The immigrant visa issue procedure begins with the entry of a orison for in-migration to the USCIS.  USCIS reviews and adjudicates the prayer and forrad sanctioned petitions to the Province Section for visa processing.

The NVC performs respective visa – processing activities that cartroad petitions requesting in-migration services from initial NVC acknowledge from USCIS done conveyance to the posts. NVC processing includes:

Telecommunication Manufacture – dupery direction

Consultation :

Distributed apps can intercommunicate with multiple servers or devices on the like net from any geographic emplacement. The distributed nature of the applications refers to information organism unfold terminated more one calculator in a meshwork.

Distributed applications are impoverished up into two offprint programs: the guest package and the host package. The guest package or estimator accesses the information from the waiter or surroundings, spell the host or swarm processes the information. Taint computation can be victimized alternatively of servers or ironware to operation a distributed diligence’s information or programs. If a distributed diligence part goes devour, it can to another portion to keep functional.

Distributed applications countenance multiple users to admittance the apps immediately. Many developers, IT professionals or enterprises prefer to shop distributed apps in the swarm because ofcloud’s and scalability, besides as its power to grip great applications or workloads.

Enterprises can take to use container engineering, such as , to software and deploy distributed applications. The containers can body-build and run distributed applications, also as fork distributed apps from former applications in a swarm or divided substructure.