Jane L. – CPA

I had to call you directly to tell you about my experience with your products & thank you for creating them.

My knees are extremely inflamed due to my work, wearing heels and sitting in my chair for hours on the computer or with clients and it was definitely changing my quality of movement and causing pain that had really flared up in the last few months.

A client of mine gave me a jar of KarmaCreme and I decided to use it right away since no other products had worked for my problems.

I started applying the cream, it is so smooth and got immediate relief – could this really work for me?

I began a regimen using KarmaCreme after my shower in the am, again at the office in the early afternoon, and once more at night before bed.

To My surprise and happiness, my pain was reduced 75% in One Week. A 75% Reduction In Pain, can you imagine? I couldn’t believe it.

I know have 3 jars of cream that I keep in my home, my office and my purse at all times. Even if I have a twinge I have my relief at at hand. Feeling fortunate to have my creams and oils, I tell everyone about the results so many have experienced with KarmaCreme products.

It has been a miraculous addition to my life. I am comfortable in heels, I can walk the dog in the hills in my community, walk to the stores and never in pain. It is wonderful.

I ordered 6 more jars asap to give to others I knew were suffering with inflammation and joint, back and other pain.

I also ordered the CBD oil for my husband who has severe knee pain for years due to his rigorous job. He had endured years of painful shots and treatments that simply did not provide relief.

My husband applied the cream and placed 3 drops of the oil under his tongue. Went about my day, checking in with him as usual before I headed home. When I asked him how his pain level was, he said “What pain?” He had completely forgotten how bad it was and I thought the same thing about myself, once out of pain we had much higher energy & quality of life.

We will be lifelong KarmaCreme users and advocates for this organic, natural way out of pain instead of drugs.

This is lengthy, but such spontaneous reaction to any product is unusual in my life and I need to share one more uplifting testimonial.

My pastor had extreme arthritis and was in constant excruciating pain, so severe that he is facing surgery soon. I volunteer in the church office on Sundays and noticed he was really hurting.

I offered him a jar of the cream to try after I assured

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him CBD is natural and devoid of thc. I didn’t know if he would try it or not and I vowed not to ask him unless he mentioned something to me.

After the 3rd service on that day, I returned to the church office and my Pastor came out beaming! He told me, “this is a perfect product, it speaks for itself”, his face lit up like a Christmas tree.

He was elated because it makes his life bearable for the first time as he told his wife, “I am in heaven”.

Never forget that pain and inflammation drain the body of other resources and this helps to replenish, it works!!

If I have back pain, I just say “Give me the KarmaCreme” = Immediate Relief. We say it’s miraculous and believe all sufferers will feel the same, I found it through a friend and am fortunate, consider me your friend and try this beautiful cream and oil. So many of us struggle with chronic pain and anxiety every day. Lose the opioids! Now, with Karma Creme handcrafted organic, natural lotions & oils we can achieve relief.


I’ve been having some severe hand & foot pain due to a diabetic condition. Hate taking drugs and a buddy of mine turned me on to the CBD Oil. I think it works so well that I tell all the people I know. It so good to sleep without pain and anxiety. Put it on your skin or drops orally or both. It works. Great to have KarmaCreme on my team


I’m 36 and playing sports is what I do when not working at UPS. Karma Creme is seriously the best thing I’ve used for my chronic soreness. All the guys on my soccer team and basketball team are using the oil and cream every time we practice and play. It is awesome! Thanks for the formulation that really works. Recommend it to everyone that works & plays hard. Your happy customer,


Hi KarmaCreme,
I am a landlord and notary who has been in physical distress and physical therapy for years. I was not sure about any cream or oil since I’ve been on painkillers etc.My wife told me about this KarmaCreme and I tried it. I called her and told her it is immediate relief and life is better.


I endure 24 hour tooth pain from childhood. Drugs & Dentists have done all they can and nothing helps. CBD OIL has given me so much relief from the constant chronic mouth pain that I carry my oil with me everywhere I travel.Put 3 drops under my tongue and I can now eat what I want, when I want! New world for me!


Am on my feet all day doing hair and I have diabetes. I swear by Karma Creme now because it provides instant & long lasting relief when I put it on my feet and hands. It’s really amazing especially since I am 61 and have tried so many products over the years. My coworkers are now using the cream & oil and they thank me every day.


My sister found Karma Creme from a friend and we called you about our Mom because she put some on her hands and got immediate relief from her pain, it is so smooth. You guys were close & brought the creams & oils right over. She uses them daily and is so happy that she can do all the little things again & play with the grand kids. Handcrafted really makes a difference. Thanks for your quick response & now ongoing relationship.


Highly Recommended! Great Results Right Away – Smooth & Lovely Feel. All Natural Made by Hand makes it Perfect. My Dogs Love It, Too!


I got fast, lasting and fantastic results from Karma Creme. The cream has worked miracles on my joint stiffness. The tincture oil also helps with anxiety and better sleep. Thank you for the great products! Sincerely,